Ah, the 90's. One of the best periods ever in country music. The nineties gave us Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, and Jo Dee Messina. There were so many big hits in the nineties, I'm sure I'm leaving one out. George Strait and Reba came into their own in the nineties after having hits in the mid 80's. Lonestar was big. So was Faith Hill. Kenny Chesney got his career started in the nineties too.


This weekend, Cat Country is going to celebrate the nineties. It's an all nineties weekend. Starting at 6 Saturday morning, we'll play songs from the nineties all weekend. Here's a sample of the great songs you'll hear.

Friends in Low Places from Garth Brooks; Boot Scootin' Boogie from Brooks and Dunn; or Chattahoochie from Alan Jackson. So many songs, and only so many hours to play them all. Here's the challenge. It's all nineties weekend on Cat Country. Tell me some of the songs and times you remember from the nineties. Of course, Garth was named the artist of the decade of the nineties by the Academy of Country Music.


Remember the internet explosion, the beginnings of AOL, or Windows 3.1. How about the politics of the Contract With America, the stained dress, and Ross Perot? The earthquakes in California that devastated first San Francisco, then Los Angeles later in the decade. It seems to me the event of the time and country music always matched up.

What do you remember about the nineties? What country songs from that decade are still among your favorites? Enter in the comments.