Dustin Lynch displays his leading man qualities in the romantic and sexy new video for his latest single, "Small Town Boy."

Lynch and his blonde leading lady take a romantic trip to the beach in the clip, which focuses solely on the two of them at the waterfront, cuddling, laughing and sharing kisses as day turns into night. Some of the daytime shots feature Lynch without his signature cowboy hat, and with his stubble he looks almost like he just stepped out of a soap opera fantasy as he addresses the camera to sing about his girl, who "loves a small town boy like me" despite the fact that she could have anyone she wanted.

"Small Town Boy" is the second single from Lynch's highly anticipated upcoming third studio album. It follows hot on the heels of "Seein' Red," which gave Lynch his fourth consecutive No. 1 hit when it was released as the project's first single. "Seein' Red" took Lynch in a very progressive direction, while "Small Town Boy" juxtaposes modern production elements and cadences with a classic country theme.

According to songwriter Ben Hayslip -- who co-wrote the song with Rhett Akins and Kyle Fishman -- that came about because of a collaboration between generations.

"It’s kinda two worlds meeting," Hayslip says. "Kyle’s a young, 20-something kid from California, and me and Rhett grew up in South Georgia. We’ve been that kid in that song. We’ve been a small town boy. So it’s just two worlds coming together to make something really cool."

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