Last month, Candace Payne — aka Chewbacca Mom — shared the Opry stage with Dylan Scott. In a Facebook Live video, both she and Scott discussed their mutual respect for each other and even hinted at a possible tour together.

In the humorous video, Scott is shown backstage with Payne after his show on July 22. He begins the clip wearing the famous Chewbacca mask, strumming a guitar before Payne comes in and busts him for stealing her gear. In her own video, Payne raved about the country singer, saying: “You all are gonna love him, if you don’t know about his music you need to Google him."

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Scott reveals that the two singers will team up again for on one of his tour dates in Texas. On Aug. 17 Scott will perform in Dallas, Texas, where Payne lives, and the "My Girl" singer promises a fun time.

"We'll play a show in Texas. She lives in Texas, so it all worked out," he tells Taste of Country over the phone. "She's going to come spend the day with us and ride around and go to some radio stations, and see how that works and then we play a show that night. We might get her up there to play a few songs with us. It'll be good."

Scott reveals that while at the Opry, the two singers sang a slew of songs backstage, including the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," and it's likely they'll sing the boy band's 1999 hit in the Lone Star State, too.

Scott's debut, self-titled album came out on Aug. 12.

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