In case you missed it, we got some “Farmer wisdom” on the show today.

Paul and I were talking about being in the heart of the fall season and how nice it is. Turns out we both have an affinity for the autumn season. Although for different reasons.

One of the Farmer’s reasons for liking this time of year is because this is a great time to spray those pesky weeds. According to Paul, you have to think like a weed before you head out to get rid of the weeds.

The way Paul explains it, weeds are just like animals that hibernate. They get ready for winter too by increasing their intake of nutrients and building up their root system. So think like a weed before spraying them or feeding them some type of “brand X” weed killer.

The Farmer recommends giving them an appetizing double dose of that “brand X” weed killer and come the spring you’ll be weed free…until next fall that is.

“Farmer wisdom”….you gotta love it.