Heads up, there is another chance for you to get in on the Flakes trip that heads out in February. Tonight from 5 to 7 join us and several Flakes listeners at Dos Machos to get yourself in the drawing for the final spot on the trip. Remember this year it is a flight to Playa Del Carmen, not a cruise.

This morning on the show we did a little reminiscing previous trips…including the time Paul was walking down main street in Cancun and heard some shouting from an above balcony. When he looked up someone was yelling “Go Bobcats”…proving as far away as you are from home, you’re never too far.

We talked about the week we spent on a boat in the Virgin Islands. This was the time cell phones were useless for three days on the boat. That was a good time.

Not sure what’s ahead for this year’s trip, but you can bet there will be plenty of memories made. Come on by Dos Machos tonight and get qualified for the annual Flakes Trip.