The carnivorous world of the burger business has been using the “better is better” philosophy to help beef up their sales, and as cheesy as it might sound, consumers seem to be eating it up.

According to the latest report by food industry consultant Technomic, the latest trend in fast-casual burger chains — making better burgers — appears to be the next best thing since sliced bread — or buns. Those eateries are seeing a nearly 21 percent growth last year while limited-service burger chains only grew about four percent.

Industry experts say that there is plenty of room to grow, since fast-casual burger sales only made up nearly four percent of the limited-service burger segment, the largest menu by review in the restaurant industry.

While new and improved burger joints like Five Guys Burger and Fries and Smashburger experienced an overall sales increase between 24 and 71 percent last year, full service fast food chains have been taking notice, adding gourmet style burgers to their menus.

The report said that with nearly 74 percent of consumers placing such a high premium on the quality and taste of their protein intake, many quick-service burger chains have been forced to upgrade their burger-making skills as a means of staying competitive within the market.

So, it appears as if the great American burger saga continues, and what will become the next big thing is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain — it will come with cheese, which, according to the latest industry, report is the top-selling hamburger type in the business.

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