All week I've got some things from our fencing project at the Peterson ranch up by Mosby.

Larry & Chris Peterson's ranch was decimated by fire recently and they lost essentially ALL of their fences. Paul was talking about it and thought it would be a good idea to ask listeners for donations and see if we could get a few of them to join us a put a bunch of barbed wire fence for these folks on a Saturday. And that's how it got started.

This is a picture showing how steep and rugged some of the terrain was that we we're putting new fence up on. And even in this photo, you can't see the top of this run of fence where the corner post was.

We get a lot of people asking "How many miles of fence did you get put up?" And the answer is, I'm not exactly sure. New fence, probably in the neighborhood of 5 miles, and we repaired another long stretch of fence which was their northern border and vital to containing the cattle. And then, another crew built a "Stack Yard" with tall fencing to keep the deer and elk from eating the hay thats being delivered.

Our crew accomplished an awful lot on one great Saturday in Montana. Thanks you so much to all that helped get this done.

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