I just started calving this weekend and with all the snow I am sure glad to have my building.

You may recall I lost it during a freak tornado in 2019. I decided to have a good old-fashioned barn raising. It was awesome.

Great people and great help able to put it up in basically one day, I'm forever grateful to those who volunteered to help. I asked everyone who was there to sign the posts and as of yesterday many of the signatures are still there. It was one of my favorite events in the last 35 years.

Another that I really liked was our restaurant possible contest we did to help struggling restaurants during the Pandemic. We helped 10 local restaurants stay afloat during the government shutdowns. It was awesome.

I think my favorite though was the Peterson fencing project after the Lodgepole fire near Jordan. People from all over the state came to rebuild eight miles of fence destroyed by the fire. It was really amazing.

I have to say that the metal detector promotion has been awesome and I wish more people would have taken advantage of that. Through our foundation and with all of your generous help we have been able to put these in about 20 schools now within the listening area.

With the latest incident this week at Medicine Crow Middle school, I bet parents wouldn't object to having that deterrent in place there either. Stay tuned for the next project that we may come up with, I'm sure it will be just as good thanks to you.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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