It wasn't that long ago that Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley and his wife, Brittney Marie Cole, added a third furry member to their family. Now, less than one month later they've added a second canine member to the Kelley family.

The animal loving couple expanded the family by adopting their newest puppy's sister. They adopted Smoke Kelley earlier this month and are now the proud parents of Smoke's sister, whom they've named Sage.

"No words," Kelley captioned the photo of both dogs. "Had to get Smoke's sister and name her Sage. #cantaffordnotto." He also called his girls "gorgeous." These are the first "kids" for the newly married couple. The two German Shepherd puppies look just as happy next to Brittney as she clearly is next to them.

The original Instagram account for Sage has now expanded to include both pups in the handle. That's right, the two puppies have their very own social media account that already has 12 photos of the two sister pups, including a Happy Mother's Day photo of Smoke with mom Brittney. Tyler Hubbard's dog Harle, even makes an appearance on the Instagram account. The three will be fast friends while they'll be touring with their famous Florida Georgia Line dads.

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