By now you've probably heard about the bloodbath during the most recent episode of 'Game of Thrones' and perhaps even seen the extreme fan reactions on the internet. Well, now author George R. R. Martin has reacted to fans reacting as they watch the infamous "Red Wedding" scene.

On 'Conan,' Martin watched in amusement as fans cried, screamed, cursed, gasped in horror, rolled on the floor, hid beneath blankets and proclaimed 'Game of Thrones' "the best show of all time" as several main characters met their stunningly bloody demise.

Of course, Martin points out that video of these reactions was made possible by people who read the third book in the series years ago and knew the massacre was right around the corner.

"All of those clips were set up by people who had read the books 13 years ago and knew it was coming," he said. "I saw one of them saying in comment, 'Now you know why your nerdy friends were really depressed 13 years ago.'"

Yeah, well, we read the books and, honestly, we still weren't prepared.

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