I have talked about this a time or two on the show but here we go again. Why? Because it happened again...and it will continue to happen.

A friend of mine was set to meet with a new client on Monday. As he described, he was wearing a white dress shirt with a tie and light tan colored tan pants.

He said he became hungry about 30 minutes before he was meet them so he stopped off at a convenience store to cure his belly rumble.He grabbed a chili dog and proceeded to "chow down." Big mistake.

Inevitably a glob of chili dropped on his nice white shirt and of course he didn't have a back-up.

He said he still wen to the meeting and made fun of himself most of the time which worked into his favor because he ended up closing the sale!

I told him he broke the first rule by trying to eat something that had the potential of devastating consequences. He laughed and said he learned his lesson.

I want to hear your spill ruin stories! Give me a call at 248-5665 and let's have a little laugh this afternoon.

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