How many times have you gotten one of those form letters in the mail?  You know the ones that say Dear (insert next person on the robo list), we are excited to announce, blah.. blah.. blah.

Yesterday when I gathered the mail, I had two letters from State Farm Insurance from two different agents.

At first I thought, cool a couple of different options from the same Insurance Company to peak my interest.  Wrong!

They are exactly the same letter except for the agents name and phone number at the end of the form letter.

Here is my thought, if you want me to think about using your company or you as an agent, make what you send me a little more personal.

With two offers of the same exact thing, guess what, I filed them both in the round file and will look for another Insurance Company that has a more personal connection to me.

Oh yeah and when you send it to my the address, my name is not Current Resident.

What do you do with the form letters you get in the mail?

Do they ever peak your interest enough to check out the offer?

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