Earlier today, a local news organization reported that Montana was added to the list of states who refused to accept the incoming Syrian refugees. That is not completely accurate.

In an interview with Jon King, from our sister station KGVO in Missoula, Mike Wessler clarified Bullock's stance.

“Montana will not allow any terrorist organizations to intimidate us and to abandoning our values. The safety of Montanans is Gov. Bullock’s top priority. No Syrian refugees have been settled in the state and we’ve had no formal request to do so,” Wessler told King. “Montana has a process in place for considering refugee settlement requests. We are reviewing these protocols to ensure that if a request comes, we take all appropriate steps to ensure that the safety of Montanans will not be jeopardized by the replacement.”

This topic is causing debates in most, if not all, states in the U.S. There are those who say it is our duty as human beings to help these displaced, frightened refugees and there are many who feel that this move poses far too great of a security threat to our nation's soil.

Regardless of which group you fall into, one thing appears to be certain according to our president: They're coming.

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