How have I never heard of this movie, and why did they set the film in one of the most out-of-place towns in Montana? 

So I was searching around Netflix trying to find something entertaining to watch, and I came across a movie called Cut Bank, and low and behold this film is set supposedly, in the small town of Cut Bank, Montana. 

This film came out in 2014, and I am a man who knows a lot about movies, and somehow this slipped by me. Especially with this cast of folks that seven years ago had a popular following. The film stars Liam Hemsworth(The Hunger Games Franchise), John Malkovich(Con Air), Billy Bob Thorton(Armageddon), and many others. The film was financed and produced by A24 pictures, which is known for its high-profile horror and Oscar-contending films. 

The film is described as a thriller with many twists and turns, and the atmosphere and scenery are absolutely beautiful. The one issue I have with the film is that as much as it looks like the whole production was in Montana, it was filmed in Canada. 

I watched the film, and the weird thing is, Cut Bank isn't a bad movie. It's not something I would recommend highly to my friends, but if you are looking for a film that's "set" in Montana and have some time to kill, then throw this on. Plus, this is the type of movie you could throw on while doing other chores around the house and not be mad you are missing anything. 

I just think it's a bit weird the film is set in Cut Bank, Montana, but it's not a bad setting for a thriller movie. 

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