Have you seen the TikTok where Adam Sandler was going to have to wait thirty minutes for a table at an IHOP? He says that he doesn't want to wait that long and leaves. Soon after that, the waitress realizes who he is and puts out a TikTok asking him to come back.

First off, I'm glad that Sandler was polite. I also wouldn't wait thirty minutes at any restaurant. And most importantly, being a celebrity doesn't move you to the front of the waiting line!

Perhaps you've heard the story where Jane Fonda and Ted Turner walked into a steakhouse in Manhattan, Montana and demanded to be seated ahead of others who had been waiting their turn. The steak house owner not only said no but asked them both to leave. Kindy get over yourselves.

I have never had anything like that happen to me before. Although, I did have dinner at the old Rex restaurant one night when Duke Basketball coach Mike Krzyewski was also having dinner.

After working at the top of a hotel for more than thirty years, you'd think that I would have had more elevator rides with celebrities. But that's not the case. The only person I ever rode with that I recognized was actress Barbara Babcock. That was when they were filming "Far And Away" around here in 1992.

No Tom Cruise. No Nicole Kidman.

Now back to Adam Sandler. I have a question. Are we just waiting for Tiger Woods to get better so we can finally get Happy Gilmore 2?

Asking for a friend.

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