Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers

The wifey and I got a rare outing to the movies last night.  We went to the Vue and Brew in Laurel. Check it out sometime. Less crowds, cheaper tickets, locally owned, no giant lines.  We watched Daddy's Home 2.  Quick review: HILARIOUS.  I think it was actually funnier than the first one.

We don't go to a ton of movies at our house, mainly because they're so darn expensive.  But tis the season of great holiday movies and we'll probably have to check out at least a couple of these that we saw trailers for last night.

Justice League - Opens FRI 11/17.  DC comics is back and this time our hero's are combining forces to fight evil. Or demons, or space creatures or something. Not really clear in the trailer, but does it matter? No. Because... Wonder Woman. Ha! Action movies always are better on the big screen and this one I'm SURE the kids will want to go see.

Wonder - Opens FRI 11/17. This heart warming tear jerker with Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts looks pretty good. It's about a little boy who was born with a deformed face.  After going thru countless surgeries he attends regular school for the first time at 5th grade.  Bring your tissues.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Opens 12/15. Ok, I'm not a  big Star Wars fan.  I didn't really watch the originals when I was a kid and have only seen a couple of the recent remakes on TV.  That said, this looks awesome and it seems like maybe I don't have to be a super-fan to enjoy the story?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - Opens 12/15. Jumanji is back with a twist.  A group of teenagers stumble into an old Atari 2600 game console in an abandoned house.  Somehow the game sucks them into the jungle, where instead of being teenagers, they are now adults.  Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black star and honestly it looks pretty entertaining.

Get a big bucket of popcorn, because the holiday movie season is here!

- Michael

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