Lots of folks getting ready to cook the family feast in 10 days.  The grocery stores are loading up their sales flyers with some pretty sweet deals and it's a great time to stock your pantry with stuff like cream of mushroom soup and green beans when they go on sale for 50 cents a can.

Do you always do the traditional turkey dinner at your house?  A couple of years ago I "spatchcocked" a turkey and it turned out awesome. More on that in another blog. But I get tired of turkey.  I've always been more of a ham guy.  One year we did prime rib.  OMG. To die for. I know a few people that do seafood. Scallops, lobster or crab? Sign me up!

Does your get-together involve a unique side dish that is something your family has always done?  Are you mixing it up this year with something besides turkey?  Are you helping the Breakfast Flakes out later this week with Flakesgiving?


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