At this point I would think that most of us have received our stimulus checks, whether by direct deposit or by mail. I do know there are some that haven't received it yet for one reason or another, or maybe they don't know why.  What are you planning on spending your simulus money on? Bills, something fun, a trip, do you plan on saving it for a rainy day?

I ventured out to do my monthly grocery shopping to stock up on the necessities and ended up in line behind a family of roughly six people (or at least that's how many there were at the counter) standing by the register.  At first I didn't pay any attention to the folks in front of me, but then I heard the cashier ask if "those TVs" had already been paid for. "Those TVs"...I took a close look and they had three 43" TVs in their cart along with a sound bar, some hanging flower baskets, and another cart filled with groceries.

Now, by all means, I am not passing judgement, buy what you want. I had just never seen anyone by three TVs at one time. By the time it was all said and done, it was about an $1,900 purchase. Isn't the idea behind the stimulus package to stimulate the economy? Now, on the other hand, if you have outstanding bills to pay, rent, or utilities, maybe you should put some of the money toward that? Just a thought.  What do you think?

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