I got infuriated at some comments on one of Senator Tester's Facebook posts today.  A lady who lists her occupation as "retired farmer" was replying to other commenters with a military background saying that their service had "made them crazy".  There are a lot of serious issues in this country (there always will be) that have some people heated, but disrespecting the military is never a good thing.  Even if you detest an ongoing war, why would you condemn those in harm's way?  Why would you act as if you're smarter or better than those who serve?  It makes no sense to me.  So, for those who think the military is some unnecessary evil for them to take cowardly shots at on social media, I wanted to share two stats with you:

1) Number of years (out of 243) America has been involved in a war:  226

2) Number of Presidents who have completed a term without the U.S. being in a war: 0

The world is a beautiful place, but more often than not it isn't a peaceful one.  I am grateful for the men and women who serve whether I agree with the war, the people who started it, or the politicians currently holding office.  That woman and those like her should be ashamed.



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