The Seize the Deal Auction is coming up. You’ll never guess what has caught my eye.  Not the Harley Davidson, not the boat. Nope. Not me.  I’ve got my eye on the mattresses.

Sleep has been on my mind lately. I have decided I want a new mattress. I need a new mattress. I crave better sleep.

Sleep. Even the word is strange to me. I fantasize about being able to take naps. I relish a good night's sleep. I want a week of nothing but restful shut eye. I often think that if I can just catch up on my sleep that I won’t ever let myself get into a sleep-deprived state again.

Researchers aren’t 100 percent sure why we need to sleep, but it’s clear that sleep is a necessity. During sleep the body repairs itself, replacing old cells. That makes sense; I’ve often noticed I’m getting sick because I am so inexplainably tired even before I feel the full effects of a cold. It’s good to hear that sleep is a healing opportunity for the body.

Sleep allows the brain to organize and archive new information and memories. A regular amount of sleep brings mental focus and consistency. Conversely, a lack of sleep leads to an inability to focus and pay attention or respond quickly to stimuli. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a wide range to health problems, from heart disease to depression, as well as an overall decrease in quality of life. Ask any new mom or college student in the midst of finals, a lack of sleep affects every aspect of your day.

Sleeping well is a worthy goal. I will no longer be ashamed that my fantasies always include naps, early turn-in’s and late wake-ups. After all, I’m eagerly helping my body heal itself and my mind to take in and sort info. This love of sleep isn’t about laziness after all, it’s good health sense.

I’m worried that making others aware of the mattresses that are available on the Seize the Deal Auction might be a bad idea. But there are several to choose from, so I’m spreading the good news.

Sleep well… and dream about the fantastic savings and restful sleep we will both get.


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