Everyone loves a good deal. What makes a good deal even better is when I can find it for a local business, because Billings is full of great people working hard to run successful and honest stores. I'm thrilled to see everyone in this Spring's Seize the Deal Auction going on right now.

These are places I already know and trust, offering up great deals on things that I need. There's a great water purification system from American Water Technologies that I've got my eye on. We all drink a lot of water, so why not get my family the purest I can?

I'm also eyeing a $50 certificate to Montana Dress Company that I could get for just $25. Maybe I can find something for me, or maybe I can surprise my daughter with a shopping trip to celebrate the beginning of her summer.

I know I'm not the only one who loves a great deal from a local business, and this auction is full of them. Bidding ends tonight at 7pm, so go check out the Seize the Deal Auction before it's too late!

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