I've been watching Mike and Frank on American Pickers for years and always thought how fun that would be to find rare items cheaply and then turn around and make a profit on them. It's not easy. You have to go to an awful lot of garage sales and thrift stores some day to find anything of value.

A few weeks ago I stopped by an Estate Sale in the Heights and purchased a Fisher Price children's record player (pictured above) for $20. After poking around a bit on eBay I thought I might have spent a bit too much to make a profit. But I put it on eBay anyway, along with a couple of other items I got a deal on and today it sold... my first sale on eBay. They didn't even try to bid they just clicked on the "Buy It Now" price of $44.99 for a profit of $24.99.

Thinking back on the gas and time I've spent looking for it and shipping it I think I'm making about $7 per hour. Lol. Still exciting though.

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