Today is the anniversary of Steve Job's announcement of Apple's portable music player, The I-Pod. Fourteen years later, the I-Pods are still around, but the design has definitely evolved. In fact, they are now on there 7th generation of Apple I-Pods.

If you're part of the Apple cult, perhaps you can understand why collectors would pay so much money for one of these classics. I'm a fan of nostalgia, but some of the prices on these things are pretty ridiculous. Apple fanatics have recently paid tens of thousands for an original, unopened I-Pod.

To give you an idea, here is a listing for one that has a buy it now price of 8,000 bucks. Why only 8,000? Because it isn't unopened. This one has been gently used, but has all of the original packaging. If you're a pack rat and an Apple nut, perhaps you have a treasure somewhere in your house.

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