So, today I read as many of the rules as I could stand about Pokemon Go. Now, I understand that I am not their target audience. I don't want to walk around for hours looking for mythical or made up creatures.

And then I was talking to a lady who I work with who was trying to explain how it works to me. And I am 100% lost.

Here's how it USED to be. Take the quarter. Put it in the slot. Press "Player 1". Enjoy your life for the next 2-5 minutes. Repeat until you ran out of quarters.

Nobody stored your information. Nobody tracked what you were doing and some headquarters some place. Strangers didn't show up uninvited on your property looking for something that you apparently can't see.


I will continue to play the occasional "Miss Pacman" or "Galaxian" when I run into those. I can usually set high score or at least get my initials on the screen. But, that's the extent of it.