Are Dollar Stores Going Extinct In Montana?

Dollar Tree To Acquire Family Dollar Stores For $8.5 Billion
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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Dollar Tree and I noticed a shelf of things that were marked $5. All I could think was, here. we. go.  It's the end of super affordable wrapping paper, party favors and snacks for the grandkids.

Not that $5 is a lot to pay for something of a tiny bit better quality.  But, this is on top of the price hike to $1.25 a year or so ago.  Not that that is out of line.  That 25 cent price hike was a long time coming, and I think it's actually fair.

For Some, These Prices Make The Dollar Store Unaffordable

Just look at it like this: $5 say on the foods section in the dollar store, takes it down from getting 4 food items to one food item.  That can really impact someone who can only afford to grocery shop at the dollar store.  Believe me when I say, there are more people than you think that do that.

Dollar Tree Stores To Add Hundreds Of New Locations Throughout U.S. This Year
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I Did Some Research On The Dollar Tree

Business Insider ran a piece on Dollar Tree in June 2023.  They were talking of expanding into higher priced items to see how they'd fair with the public.

Chief Merchandising Officer Richard McNeely said,

 We now have the platform to expand our assortment and our price points.


Referring to products priced from $2.01 to $5 as:

a huge market that is untapped for us

I Think It's Safe To Say It's A $5 Or Less Store Now

And before we blink, $10 or less and so on.  What can we expect?  Candy bars aren't a nickel anymore, either.

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