So in browsing Facebook today, I came across a post going viral from the City of Laurel... highlighting a bad driver who decided in the early hours of the day to drive into freshly poured concrete.

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Whadda Mess

I know we've all had bad days before. Heck, I've curbed my wheels... driven over countless curbs leaving drive-thrus... and my vehicles have even been the subject of a few hit and runs in the past. But driving through fresh concrete? Nope, at least... not yet. Never know in 30 or so years... it might happen.

Credit: City of Laurel
Credit: City of Laurel

The City of Laurel was kind enough to allow us to use the photos provided on Facebook with their post, which you can see throughout this article. At first glance, I don't see any caution tape or anything warning drivers of the hazard... however...

Credit: City of Laurel
Credit: City of Laurel

According to the post, there ARE... or WERE... barricades protecting the fresh concrete. But, I don't think that would stop someone in this mindset.

A Not-So-Subtle Hint

One interesting part of the post on Facebook was simply WHAT the City of Laurel said. It was clear, immediately, they know who this person is... and found a few extra bonuses in the vehicle:

To the person who felt the need to go through barricades and drive through freshly poured cement at 3:00 o'clock this morning and then leave your vehicle...
You can pick up your van at Hansers.
You can come into Laurel City Hall and pay to have the cement repoured.
And you can pick up your party supplies at the Laurel Police Department.
See that? "Party Supplies"... wonder what that means. Well, I don't actually wonder what that means. But until the police report comes out, I'll let you speculate... but you'll probably hit the nail on the head.
Credit: City of Laurel
Credit: City of Laurel

Advise For The Future

Dear Not So Smart Driver:

Next time... watch the road. Rather than the "party supplies" in your hands... and you might consider changing your ways after this... since I hear the PD has more than your party supplies and minivan.

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