Even with the wild economy we are facing right now, most of us living in Billings get to come home to a roof over our heads... food in our fridge... and clean clothes to wear each and every day.

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However, some people are not so fortunate... living on our streets one day at a time, doing the best they can. There are a few options for them in town, being St. Vincent De Paul... Family Service... and others... but one more option is coming on July 30th for one day only.

TOP: That One Place + Locals Who Care

On July 30th at 12 Noon outside of St Vincent De Paul here in Billings, those that are in need of a meal, socks, underwear, and hygiene products will have the chance to relax and breathe for a moment in time.

This event is being made possible by many local businesses and individuals, and we're happy to thank them too:

  • Magic City Markers - 500 Hamburgers and Buns
  • Danielle Zimmerman - 500 Hot Dogs
  • Anonymous Family - 500 Hot Dog Buns
  • Go Unite - 150 Bags of Chips
  • Discontent - 150 Bags of Chips
  • Jolene Rideshorse - 100 Bags of Chips
  • Freddie Bennett - 100 Bags of Chips
  • PepsiCo - 500 Sodas and 500 Bottles of water
  • Rising Moon Bakery - Fresh baked Muffins
  • Holistic Relief by Design for socks, underwear, and hygiene

How Can You Help?

Even though Ryan Wright with TOP did not provide any method to help, I am sure he would be glad to hear you want to help with the next event they put on. Shoot him a message on Facebook, and thank you for wanting to help those in need!

What are your thoughts?

Do you know someone who is homeless? Or are you homeless, and will you be attending? Let us know in App Chat or on Facebook.

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