Exciting news for food banks around Montana.

The Montana Food Bank Network and the Producer Partnership are bringing 42,000 pounds of USDA-inspected pork, breakfast sausage, and ground beef to food banks around the state. The Billings delivery is Tuesday, September 26 at Family Service. Family Service will then distribute the food through their local network to families who are struggling to meet their food needs.

Credit Producer Partnership, used with permission
Credit Producer Partnership, used with permission

Locals helping locals.

That's been an unofficial motto for Montanans for a long time. Despite the media doing its best to divide us, when it comes down to helping out our fellow humans, there is still a flickering light in Big Sky Country.

The Producer Partnership, launched in 2020, is a coalition of Montana farmers and ranchers who donate livestock to the program. Producer Partnership then processes, packages, and freezes the beef and pork at its state-of-the-art, fully inspected facility near Livingston. It's the only one of its kind in Montana. The food is then distributed around the state. These aren't some highly processed, soy-filled "meat" products, either. We're talking quality Montana beef and pork. Grown here, packed here and consumed here. Nice.

Credit Producer Partnership, used with permission
Credit Producer Partnership, used with permission

1 in 10 Montanans are food insecure.

Feeding a family has always been expensive and with current food prices/inflation, more and more of us are watching our food budget get stretched extremely thin. The USDA says 1 in 10 Montanans experience food insecurity. I make okay money and I haven't bought a nice steak at the grocery store for months. We used to grill ribeyes or New York strips every weekend.

Learn more about the Producer Partnership HERE. Check out what the Montana Food Bank Network does HERE. And support Family Service by attending the annual gala fundraiser The Benefit, on October 7th at the Northern Hotel.

One food bank in Billings is getting attention for its less-than-edible food and lackluster care. Read More: Do You Want MOLD From Billings Food Bank? This Family Got It.

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