Some alarming news today came out on the birth rate in America, but it shouldn't surprise anyone. The number of births fell again last year, and it was the lowest count in 40 years. A little under 3.6 million babies were born in the U.S. in 2023. That's about 76,000 fewer than the year before, according to the CDC.

Birth rates have long been falling for teenagers, which is good news, and rising for women in their 30s and now 40s, but last year birth rates fell for all women younger than 40.

A couple of things about this: there is no information on how many babies are being born from the women who have come across the border illegally in the last year. There is also a direct correlation between the declining health of Americans and fertility rates in the last 40 years.

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Another factor is many young people who get married don't want to have the responsibility of raising children anymore, for multiple reasons. In fact, that's far better than having a child and neglecting your responsibilities as a parent, which is also a reason why we have so many other problems to deal with.

I'm not a doctor, but there are so many things now that can hurt a woman's ability to get pregnant, and that list seems to be growing, too. It's so sad that we have so many great people out there who would be great parents and can't have children, and on the other side, people who can just look at each other and have kids and shouldn't...

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