Have you seen these guys hanging outside of stores with clipboards all across Montana? They want you to sign their petition. What should you do? "Decline to Sign."

"Decline to Sign." What a great line. I asked our lawyer friend and TwitchTV podcaster David Knobel if he was following any of these ballot issue/petition drives. "I'm following the 'decline to sign' effort," said Knobel. "Decline to sign, folks."

I thought that was such a great message. Right now you will basically see two different petition drives taking place. One is essentially "rank choice voting." They want to bring about a massive change to our elections here in Montana. The Montana GOP has already come out swinging against that. I think the idea is straight up rank.

Another petition drive will basically deal with abortion. The radical Left is trying to get abortion enshrined in the Montana Constitution with some very deceptive language. It will basically allow for abortion on demand all the way up to the due date.

David Knobel: "They're deceptively lying about and claiming that this is only to make it so that a woman when her life is in danger can get an abortion. It's like- no, no, no, that's not what this is about. This is about legalizing abortion up until the moment of birth. And this is about putting it on the ballot so the Democrats can try to make this entire campaign about abortion. It boggles the mind to think about the national debt, our interest rates, our economy, our inflation, our foreign policy, our military issues, all of those issues. And the Democrats- all they care about is killing babies."

Here's the tweet from Patrick Webb that sparked our conversation Thursday morning: 


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