A few weeks back, we gave away "Mark's CDs," and when people entered, they were asked to leave a "Wilson Memory."

Here are a few of the responses that stood out:

Jeri said, "Hands down, the baby song." Totally classic Wilson. I can't hear Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" without thinking about it. I had spliced together a few dozen different "babies" from a bunch of different songs when Paul learned that there was going to be a fourth Mushaben baby.

Another one remembered pizza on tax day at the post office. We did that a long time ago.

John said, "That glorious man burned a CD for my wedding dance with my wife on a tight schedule."

My stories about my cat and cooking her chicken breasts on my George Foreman grill. Also cat-related when my cat died, and I had to put her in the freezer until I could bury her at the family pet cemetery in Great Falls.

A few folks mentioned getting a wake-up call from us. And a few played basketball against us.

People remembered when I lost my sister and then my brother.

I got a couple of mentions about my music knowledge. And a lot of listeners seem to have the same twisted sense of humor that I do.

But James's favorite happened at our last Flakes Trip giveaway party. One of the games that I do is pick three people and hand them each a bag of Skittles. Then their task is to take out all of the yellow ones and hand them back to me. This year, as fate would have it, one of the people that I picked was color-blind. Pretty fun stuff.

(Edit: Here's that very game. -Josh)

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