In case this big news story slipped past you before the 4th of July holiday...let freedom ring!

The Deep State, the unelected bureaucracy, the administrative state, an overreaching federal government- whatever you want to call it- just suffered a massive blow from the US Supreme Court.

Perry Pendley has been fighting for those of us in the Rocky Mountain West since his days serving in the Reagan Administration. He most recently served as the Director of the Bureau of Land Management under President Trump.

He says the recent "Chevron" decision by the US Supreme Court is a "huge, huge, huge decision."

Perry Pendley: The last couple of years have been monumental Supreme Court holdings, and this term is no exception. Chevron is huge. For anybody who deals with the federal government and the interpretation of federal statute, Chevron is a breath of fresh air. And thank goodness for the six to three ruling by Chief Justice Roberts.

As Perry tells us, the case boils down to the "Chevron deference" 40 years ago, back in 1984. That deference basically said, if a law is ambiguous then the courts can defer to a federal agency to make up their own interpretation of the law. As you can imagine, federal agencies have done just that, and unelected bureaucrats have basically been bypassing Congress and coming up with their own laws. It's been harmful to agriculture, oil, gas, coal, small business- you name it.

Perry Pendley: "What the court said was, that's a fiction. Chevron is no more. And judges must exercise their judicial responsibility of determining whether or not Congress has spoken to the issue. If Congress has not spoken to the issue, then it doesn't matter what the agency thinks. The petitioner, or the plaintiff, or the person suing the government, or being sued by the government wins.

Full audio of our chat back on July 1st.



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