It's a big day tomorrow for us here at the CAT as we celebrate our 35th anniversary. So many things have changed over the years that it's hard to realize that  35 years ago things were so much different. If you have a chance to listen to today's Podcast, I think you would really enjoy the segment on how much things have changed in this country and how people who are under 35 don't even know what America was like.

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Looking back on 1988.

1988 was a different time for all of us when we started here. Heck, I wasn't even married back then. We received a nice note from the winner of our Flakes trip this year with a book that recalled some of the things from that year. E.T. was released for the first time on home video, those are gone now. The nation's favorite shows were Murder She Wrote and The Cosby Show.

CatCountry1029 via Youtube
CatCountry1029 via Youtube

The more things change...

The top speed that year at the Indy 500 was 144mph. Life expectancy was only 75.2 years. If you bought a new house that year it was 91,777 dollars and at the time the average income was 24,457$. A new car was 10,432 dollars. the average rent was 420 dollars per month and the price of gas averaged 91 cents per gallon. How about food prices in 1988? A gallon of milk was 2.02 and a dozen of eggs were 69 cents a dozen. Ground beef was 1.25 per pound.

By the way, if it wasn't for inflation over the last two years those food items would still be pretty close to where they were 35 years ago. Thank you American Farmers and ranchers and I've been one of those for over 35 years...Times sure change. See you tomorrow at 5.

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