By Dylan Fletcher

Are you the "tattoo type"? I personally don't have a tattoo, never even thought about. But Jason Aldean, he has added a tattoo for 'Tattoos On The Town".

Jason says he wouldn't sing a song with the word tattoos in the title without having at least one himself. So the solution? Add more art work to his body for the new single.

I had one on my shoulder, and now I have a new one on my forearm.  It has the names of both my daughters in it. Those are my only two ... for now.

This coming from the same guy who sings the rough neck and rowdy party songs. And to find out his new tattoo is the names of his two girls. What a softy, huh?

'Tattoos on this Town" is the fourth single from Jason's double-platinum 'My Kinda Party' CD. And of course you can hear it right here on Cat Country.

Now I just need to figure out what I want for a tattoo...

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