Jason Aldean has just released his seventh studio album, They Don't Know, and he's sharing his thoughts on one of the key tracks in a Taste of Country exclusive.

They Don't Know balances classic Aldean hard rock-country tracks including "Lights Come On," "One We Won't Forget" and "When the Lights Go Out" with a wider palette of influences. The project also includes some more wistful lost-love songs in "This Plane Don't Go There," "In Case You Don't Remember" and "First Time Again," but one of the most musically and lyrically interesting tracks is "Reason to Love L.A.," which portrays Aldean as a fish out of water in the big city who finds a reason to love it there because that's where his lady love is.

Aldean still records with the same core team that he's always worked with in the studio, and he insists on using his road band on his albums. His bass player Tully Kennedy and guitar player Kurt Allison are two of the co-writers on "Reason to Love L.A.," along with Michael Dulaney and Jason Sever.

"It's got all the cool stuff in it, like planes and cars and beaches and sunglasses," the superstar says. "It paints the picture for you really well."

He particularly appreciates songs that describe things visually, something a friend of his calls "song furniture."

"The song is the room, and you can visualize it without seeing it, but they can see it through your words," Aldean explains. "And I think this is one of those songs that really does that, where you can really see what's going on during the song. And that's important."

Aldean reached No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart with "Lights Come On," the lead single from They Don't Know. His current single is "A Little More Summertime."

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