Boy, am I due for a reality check.  In what I thought was one of the most important film's of all time, I am now finding John Travolta's "Urban Cowboy" just isn't the movie I thought it was.

It's the Nile Rodeo this weekend, and who could not agree with me that "Urban Cowboy" is a legendary cowboy film?  Well apparently everyone on Facebook...I asked what the "favorite cowboy movie" was.

  • Janice Combs - 8 Seconds or Cowboy Way
  • Pamela Wolfe ‎- 8 Seconds
  • Crystal Plubell ‎- 8 Seconds
  • Zeth Roberts ‎- 8 Seconds
  • Abbey Toomey Pitman ‎- 8 Seconds

Wow, the public had spoke.  And as much as I admire Luke Perry (and his sideburns way back on "90210") I still wasn't convinced.  This matter could only be settled in person at the Nile inside the Ashley Furniture "Party Barn".