Guess who had a front row seat – sort of- at last night’s (July 27) opening ceremonies at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London? Keith Urban, that’s who.

Urban was tweeting from the ceremony while accompanied by his gorgeous Oscar-winning wife Nicole Kidman. But he wasn’t just sharing details of what he was seeing in the space of 140-characters and there was absolutely no air of one-up-manship, like “I’m here and you’re not.” Instead, the generous country superstar shared what he was seeing with all of his fans and Twitter followers via handheld video.

Urban tweeted his location and a pair of exclusive Urban Chat videos right from his seat, where he even says “Unbelievable” about what’s unfolding around him and his missus.

It’s loud and there is a lot of action going on, but Urban was doing his level best to offer fans a keyhole view to what was happening before his very eyes.

What a thoughtful superstar he is! He tried to put us there with him, even if only for a few moments.

Wish we were there, Keith! Below are his tweets and video from last night’s festivities.

Watch Keith Urban Urban Chat at the Olympics Part 1

Watch Keith Urban Urban Chat at the Olympics Part 2

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