When Kip Moore sat down to write his latest hit, ‘Beer Money,’ he knew what kind of lyrics would resonate with himself to sing night after night. With the help of co-writers Blair Daly and Troy Verges, Moore is on the brink of having another chart-topping smash to follow in the footsteps of his last singalong hit, ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck.’

“Kip, Blair and I wrote ‘Beer Money’ on Jan, 3, 2012,” Verges tells Taste of Country. “It was the first song after the Christmas break for all of us. We spent a good while catching up with each other before we got down to writing that day. Then Blair threw out the title, and we were tearing into the song pretty fast.”

So Come on, come on / Baby, I’m buying / I got enough to last us all night / And you got the kiss that tastes like honey / And I got a little beer money / Tonight, Tonight / Baby, we’re drinkin’ / Let’s wake the town that never stops sleeping / You got the kiss that tastes like honey / And I got a little beer money,” they wrote in the lyrics to the ‘Beer Money’ chorus.

“The three of us are good friends,” notes Verges. “We’d written a lot together and seen the whole record develop over the preceding months. By this point Kip and [his producer] Brett James had a really solid handle on the direction and vibe that they wanted for the album. And Kip is so good at staying focused on what works for him. When we were writing ‘Beer Money,’ we were really writing it for Kip. It made the whole process really natural. We all knew the rest of the record well. So the story in this lyric felt like writing another chapter to a book that was already underway.”

We can dance in the dark / blow the speakers out of this car / Light it up, burn it down / Until the morning rolls around / In a field, where we can scream / Get away with almost anything / Yeah, every now and then you gotta raise a little hell / Hope we get lucky and stay out of jail,” they wrote in the second verse.

“We finished the song in a couple of hours and recorded a quick demo in Blair’s basement,” Verges recalls of penning the ‘Beer Money’ lyrics. “A couple of days later we heard from Kip that Joe Fisher at Universal and Brett were over the top about the song and it that they were cutting it. Kip recorded it for his record less than a week later. I think it’s the shortest time between writing something and having it recorded that I’ve ever experienced.”

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