A lot has changed since 16-year-old Lauren Alaina first entered the ‘American Idol‘ race in early 2011. Not only is she now a country music staple with a debut album and a chart-topping single, but she has since shed her small town Georgia lifestyle — and with it, 25 pounds.

“Changing my diet was the big thing,” the ‘Like My Mother Does’ hitmaker admits in the new issue of Us Weekly. In just five months’ time, Alaina has altered her eating and exercise habits to become a thinner version of the Aerosmith-singing girl we met during the ‘Idol’ auditions.

Now that she’s a starlet, healthy food comes easily and is made fresh to go. Alaina has high-protein, low-carb meals delivered straight to her daily, eliminating the need to stop in at the nearest fast food haunt in a hurry. She explains, “I eat an egg-white omelet for breakfast, shrimp and veggies for lunch and chicken with asparagus for dinner,” adding that she also does “lots” of squats.

She’s reportedly a size 2 right now, but shockingly, the ‘Wildflower’ newcomer says she isn’t done dropping pounds just yet. “I’m 10 pounds from my goal — almost there!” Alaina reveals. “I wear size small and extra small now!”

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