You Should Eat Standing Up
I've always had this theory that if people ate standing up that they'd never be obese. You see, when you sit down to masticate, your lap supports the weight of your stomach so when you eat too much of a good thing you don't feel so bloated when you're in the moment...
10 Clever Ways to Drop Those Excess Holiday Pounds
The holidays are behind us and perhaps the only thing more disappointing than the awful gift from your Aunt Beatrice — seriously, a tie? — is the fact all the eating you did is starting to show in what used to be your washboard abs. If you see more numbers when you step on the scale than you do when you look at your paycheck, it may be time to face the dreaded “d” word – diet. Before you start cho
Battle of the Belly Bulge [AUDIO]
Hmmm, something strange is going on again this year.  The belt for my pants doesn't quite go so easily in the same notch it normally fits in.   I need a little more slack in my shirts that normally tuck in nicely. Oh yes, that's right.  It's just that yearly metamorphosis that follows Thanksgiving and lasts thru the holidays.
Lauren Alaina Loses 25 Pounds
A lot has changed since 16-year-old Lauren Alaina first entered the ‘American Idol‘ race in early 2011. Not only is she now a country music staple with a debut album and a chart-topping single, but she has since shed her small town Georgia lifestyle — and with it, 25 pounds.