A big project for our family over the last few years has been...the lawn.  Ugh!  It's always been a blight to our home and one that we've wanted to do for years.  Only now, after saving for quite a while, are we able to do it.

What an undertaking it is though! We're not even doing all the work.  Not even a 1/3rd of it!  We hired an old client of mine from years past(he has his own landscaping business now).  My husband is helping as much as possible with his own more than full time job, plus the kids are helping or have helped as well.

Landscaping In Billings
Tara Nicole

Me?  I'm picking out rocks, trim, trees and of course helping to design it all. Ha, ha.  That and helping to pay for it.  Who knew that grass and trees and sprinklers could cost so much.  Without being too naive, I think that we're getting a pretty good deal too.

Have you undertaken a project like this before?  What issues did you run into while doing it?  Length of time to complete? Money?  Comment below and let me know!