Dealing with static electricity in a radio studio is not a fun thing. Obviously there is a lot of electrical equipment in the studio itself and very close by in special racks.

Needless to say, the electricity is in the air!

I have been getting shocked for a very long time and could never come up with anything that would help that situation. It's bad enough getting zapped but no telling what kind of damage it does to the computers too. Every time I experience this the screens go off and then come back on.

I had finally come to an agreement with myself that I would just have to accept this as a way of life...until I talked with one of our sales execs that has worked around a lot of IT Techs.

He said to get a spray bottle of Downy and spray the floor and my chair and see what happens because that's what those guys would do.

Well, I tried it and I'll be darned if it didn't work. I haven't been shocked at all since.

You might try it if you are dealing with this too!

What are some of your life hacks? 248-5665

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