It was 67 years ago, Saturday that a tiny town in Indiana made basketball history. 1954, Milan high school had reached the Indiana state basketball championship being held at the historical Hinkle fieldhouse. Their task was monumental, going up against powerhouse Muncie Indiana, 4-time state champs on their way to a 5th. Outmanned, and out-sized, the game was tied at 30 when Milan held for the last shot. Bobby Plump hit a 14-foot jumper in the last seconds and history was made. The small school barely on the map was the best in Indiana. The next day 40,000 people lined the highway for 13 miles to welcome them home. This would be the inspiration for the movie "Hoosiers."

Now move forward 52 years to 2006, the small town of Melstone, Montana in the State C championship game. Outmanned and out-sized hung on to defeat Gardiner 83-78 in overtime. The sequel to the movie "Hoosiers" all over again. I had a chance to talk at their banquet celebrating that historical achievement, and it was personally fulfilling for me. The pride, the love, the togetherness that can only come from a small community filled the room. It was another Samson over Goliath moment, a moment that makes people so grateful for their roots and how they were raised, and what really matters in life. That, my friends, is FAMILY. No matter how large or small it may be, it's the most important thing in life. Your best memories will always come from those who shared special and great moments together. Even if it's for only four quarters, it lives forever in your heart. No ranting in this feels good. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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