Here's Who Is Playing in NBA Finals, MLB Playoffs
Even the die-hard fan of professional sports is having a hard time keeping up with the schedule of tournament games, with so many leagues creating new formats to determine their champions. Many other fans aren't watching because of the social issues and "politics" they feel are taking…
Don't Be A Tattletale When People Aren't Wearing Masks
The thing that I don't care for is the group of people who are "tattletales." They take it upon themselves to snap a picture of a coach or athlete who has their mask off for a fraction of a second. Then the picture gets sent to the school/coach/governing organization.
Different Rules For Different Schools' Sports Fans
One of the Facebook groups that I've been checking each day is Montana Sports Fans Alliance. This is a spot where parents of student-athletes have been venting their frustrations when it comes to not being able to watch their kids participate in their sports
Hanging With Former NASCAR Driver Kenny Wallace
Most of us dream about meeting our favorite actor, singer, author, or sports star. Every once in a while things fall into place and we get to live that dream. I've been very fortunate over the years because I've gotten to meet many of my favorite famous people...

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