Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson of Love and Theft may be handsome, but the newest addition to the LNT family is just too cute to compete with. Gunderson's new baby, Camden, is less than two months old, but already he's stealing hearts with his tiny face, prompting the type of adoration that only babies can. Proud 'Uncle' Stephen has shared a new photo of the little dude.

Barker took to Instagram to divulge this heartwarming photo of him and Camden. The baby is alert and focused on the singer's camouflage hat, and the LNT member is grinning from ear to ear as he holds the little bundle of joy. "Loved holding baby Camden today! So precious," he wrote.

Camden arrived earlier than expected on March 10, as he decided it was time to make his appearance in the world much sooner than his anticipated May due date. Gunderson, a first-time father, shared the first photo of his tiny baby, who is spending more time in the hospital due to his premature arrival.

The 'Runnin' Out of Air' hitmakers are opening for country music icon Tim McGraw on his Two Lanes of Freedom Tour, which is expected to be a well-rounded, entertaining show with great music, according to McGraw. The 30-show tour kicked off May 2 and runs through the end of July.

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