Luke Bryan's home life has changed tremendously since taking in his 14-year-old nephew, Til, following the death of his brother-in-law in 2014. While Bryan claims he's now the "uncool" dad, he admits he and his sons have learned a thing or two from his nephew.

“Don’t wrestle a teen!” Bryan tells People of roughhousing Til. “He throws me around the house pretty good now! He’s taller than me now and he can chuck me around pretty easily.”

But the star's two sons, Bo, 8, and Tate, 6, are picking up some new dance moves from their older cousin.

“They learn all the dances from him,” Bryan says. “What is it? The Dab and all that. And the Nae Nae. He teaches them all that. They’re out there in the yard doing that when they score a touchdown.”

Bryan calls the new household situation “a social experiment,” but says that things are going really well. “We woke up and had a teenager in our midst, but we love it. It’s nothing but positive. Til is having a blast and I think he’s finally settled in being in Nashville,” he explains. “

We’re having to watch grades and watch Instagram and SnapChat and keep him from being on that all day long," adds the singer. "It’s interesting because he’ll be a boy one minute and he’ll act like a man the next, so you just try to help him make good decisions and study hard and be respectful and try to do your best to raise them right.”

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