Last night after work my wife and I popped into the Heights Walmart to grab a few things when another incident happened.

I know, it seems like I write a little too much about Walmart sightings but I tend to see some of the wildest things from time to time while I am there.

This time we had grabbed our things, paid and had just gotten to the truck when my wife heard something that wasn't right. I turned around to see a man walking along the front side of Walmart violently kicking shopping carts out into the traffic lane.

People were yelling at him to stop which he blatantly ignored. Right as he got to the other end of the store a Billings Police Officer just by chance had come through and caught him in the act.

Hot Rod Thompson, TSM

I went over and talked to managers as the officer arrested the man.

Hot Rod Thompson, TSM

They told me that as he walked out of the store he was twigging out as if he was on drugs. It wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't coked out on something.

The shopping carts survived and I chalk up another adventure at Walmart.