Drive Throughs
I'm a big fan of drive throughs at fast food places. The industry has changed their focus to make sure that the drive up customer gets their orders extremely fast.
Now, I see that the Heights Walmart is putting in a drive up window. You can order your specific groceries on their app, and when yo…
New App
Walmart has a new app out now that you can use to pay for your stuff.  They also have the self-checkout lines, etc.  Does anyone have a line for people with cash only?  We are being left behind.  I still use my phone to make phone calls...
Just In Time For Summer?
Walking through Walmart in the Heights recently made for an eye opening experience for me once again.
As I rounded an isle I quickly noticed the new Pepsi products that they have out just in time for summer...and I think I am going to have to sit this one out...
Little Girls Need Modesty [Opinion]
We live in a day and age where flaunting what you have has become an acceptable behavior. Anymore it seems the more the merrier when showing a little or a lot of skin.
I know what I am about to say will not be a popular thing but in my eyes the respect of one's body should be important...
Getting The Flu Shot?
Tis the season! Time to get the needle in the arm to prevent getting sick in the future. But do you do it?
The family and I did it on Friday at Walmart in the Heights. The picture above is of my wife getting hers done.
Somehow I missed getting mine last year and I regretted it like crazy...
They Didn't Believe Me [Video]
Have you ever been caught in a situation where you knew you were right but no one would believe you?
I recently had this happen to me and it was hard to convince them that I knew what I was talking about.
Check it out.
The Cart Returner
I was at Walmart over the weekend and I saw an employee, whose only task is to return the shopping carts back to old "Shopping cart corral" by the front doors.
And I wondered to myself. "Is this the only thing he does all day at work...
Being Better Than Other People
I have a Facebook friend who happens to work at Walmart who posted something yesterday. This person was shopping after she got off work, but still had the company shirt on. And this happens to be smaller and female. Both of which are factors...
Man Kills Carts At Heights Walmart [Images]
Last night after work my wife and I popped into the Heights Walmart to grab a few things when another incident happened.
I know, it seems like I write a little too much about Walmart sightings but I tend to see some of the wildest things from time to time while I am there...

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