Police were called out to a reported robbery on a street near the Clark Fork River on Monday night," August 26. According to Missoula Police public information officer Travis Welsh, the robbery suspect and the victim were related.

"He and his wife were walking in the area of Cregg Lane, he was on a bicycle and she was walking, carrying her purse," Welsh said. "She reported that she had some cash in her purse, that he wanted and so he pushed her to the ground and basically ripped her purse away from her and then left on the bike."

The suspect, Zane Gobert has been in trouble with the law before, and has at least one Partner or Family Member Assault conviction already. He is now facing that charge again as well as a charge of felony robbery.

"He caused some minor injuries when he took the purse away from her, cuts, bruises, contusions, that sort of thing," Welsh said. "He was located later at a camp by the river and the purse was recovered and he was arrested.

Both Gobert and his wife reported that they were living in camp by the river. Gobert is facing a felony robbery charge, as well as a misdemeanor assault charge and yet another charge for failing to appear in court for a past offense.

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