I've always been a picky eater but have gotten a little better as I've gotten older. But when I was a kid, at the big holiday meals, none of my food could touch. And I never had gravy on anything until I was in my late twenties.

So Paul and I were talking about my weird habit of going to a restaurant and ordering something that that particular place is famous for. For instance, when I go to the High Horse, I get the prime rib philly sandwich with provolone. There's been a handful of times when I ordered the lunch special because it looked good. But about 95% of the time it's the Philly.

At Godfathers, I do actually get pizza. But it's the taco pizza. Theirs is my favorite in town. And if it's just me, I'll have taco pizza for a couple more meals.

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When my dad was still around and would come to visit, I knew that we'd be eating at least one meal at Cracker Barrel. I always get the chicken fried steak there. It can't be good for my cholesterol. But it sure is delicious.

The west end Jake's has lobster bisque soup on Wednesdays. Making them destination specific for me.

Those are just a few of my favorites. A lot of places that I go to for meals, I go because I like the people who work there. My mom was a waitress and bartender in her career. So, I appreciate the work ethic and working hard in the service industry.

And I hope they think that I'm a good tipper because I try to be.

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